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So I had a thought and felt I needed to share it

If Ob’s didn’t know Tan was his dad, that meant that

1. Obs grew up without Doc Tan in his life that much

2. Who raised Broblio?

and then the Mrs. Tan joke made me think ’ Oh gosh what if that DID mean Mrs. ‘Tan’ raised Blio all on her own.’

So then I imagined just a bunch of things with Oblio and his mom; like her taking care of a young Obs and getting him ready for school, wiping his tears and caring for him when sick, encouraging him to express himself: ‘dye your hair if you want!’ or ‘dance if that’s what you really want!’.

Maybe they’d get some money from Doc Tan, Maybe she worked her butt off, maybe even a little bit of both. Either way, she’d be raising her stoic little showoff with lots of love no matter what.

She’d be concerned every now and then that Oblio was a quiet child, but maybe after he makes friends like Dare and Maccoy she’s just happy they can do all the talking so he doesn’t need to.

Even despite the motorcycle and blue hair and weird-ass sayings coming from his mouth Oblio would love her very much and he takes his bike a few blocks down to see her at least once a week to check on her and bring her groceries and they share stories with one another about their days.

Basically I love the idea of Oblio having a great relationship with his mom ok thanks for listenin to me be cheesy and byeeeee

Some returning DC babes. For the record I really like the colors of Taye’s outfit and I think Glitch’s email shirt is precious :3 (Digging Bodie’s new Hoodie and Hair too)

Been going through P4 Golden and I can’t wait to unlock Naoto

Anonymous asked: Bodie #5? :D


Fun fact Bodie got me into DC in the first place and I really like his new outfit for spotlight :3 Hope you like it anon!

jumblingtrot-deactivated2014071 asked: no.9 For Dee? .o.



Fun fact: Dee’s hair is indeed blue normally :3

(andohmygoshsomeonewouldaskforoneofmyocsimsohappy ;v;)

Chillin like villains

MS Paint Practice with my OC Kyoya; Feeling very pleased with this one :)

My friend Sada ( aspiringaeroplane ) let me borrow her tablet. Tried my hand at those limited color palettes and had fun in MS Paint :3 Like the way Jare’s glare turned out.


Drew 9 of my male OCs from the first one I made to the latest one. Had fun seeing how each of them translated into my style now!

Names are in the captions!

Thinking of doing a girl’s version of this :3

Drew Rhyth from Jet Set Radio/JSRF. Trying to get out of this artblock.

Practice with PS; my OC Aaron

*electric lute strings twang in the distance*

Happy Birthday Misc! Hope you like it :3

And Misc’s second request: Her Dragon Age Characters :3 They were really fun to draw (i need to get into Dragon Age. Maybe Summer;v;)

From Top to Bottom: Nyavalòs “Nya” Trevelyan, Okalani Adaar,Reenika Cadash

All characters belong to Miscellaneon



as requested by miscellaneon, Jaryn in some alternate Ragyo outfits (namely her weird clown thing and Junketsu)

also a bonus with big bro kerith and good ol crow junior (with captions!)

( i’ll upload the second request tomorrow Misc :3)

Dance la Dance/ Dare la Dare?

What started as a casual convo with actualvelociraptor ended up with a crossover I never knew I wanted until now: KlkXDC

Part 1 of / ??? ; We’re still planning out who’s gonna be who (we don’t even know who gonna be ryuko oh goodness)